New York Mets Team History, Stats and Records

Welcome to the New York Mets online history database provided by Here you will find Major League Baseball (MLB) New York Mets records, New York Mets stats, and New York Mets history. Compiling a complete statistical archive is time consuming and difficult. In the early days MLB did not track stats like they do today, so some information may not be completely accurate. If you find and errors in our New York Mets database please pass them along. We strive to keep our New York Mets stats as accurate as possible and would appreciate any corrections or edits to be passed along.

New York Mets MLB Team History, Records and Stats

New York Mets season statistics

Year Team Games Wins Losses PCT Rnk Ball Park Attend World Series Manager

1962New York Mets161401200.29810Polo Grounds IV922,530NoCasey Stengel
1963New York Mets162511110.29510Polo Grounds IV1,080,108NoCasey Stengel
1964New York Mets163531090.3510Shea Stadium1,732,597NoCasey Stengel
1965New York Mets164501120.30210Shea Stadium1,768,389NoCasey Stengel
1966New York Mets16166950.3739Shea Stadium1,932,693NoWes Westrum
1967New York Mets162611010.35510Shea Stadium1,565,492NoSalty Parker
1968New York Mets16373890.4739Shea Stadium1,781,657NoGil Hodges
1969New York Mets162100620.5771Shea Stadium2,175,373YesGil Hodges
1970New York Mets16283790.5493Shea Stadium2,697,479NoGil Hodges
1971New York Mets16283790.5333Shea Stadium2,266,680NoGil Hodges
1972New York Mets15683730.4553Shea Stadium2,134,185NoYogi Berra
1973New York Mets16182790.5171Shea Stadium1,912,390NoYogi Berra
1974New York Mets16271910.4395Shea Stadium1,722,209NoYogi Berra
1975New York Mets16282800.5173Shea Stadium1,730,566NoYogi Berra
1976New York Mets16286760.5663Shea Stadium1,468,754NoJoe Frazier
1977New York Mets16264980.4396Shea Stadium1,066,825NoJoe Frazier
1978New York Mets16266960.4366Shea Stadium1,007,328NoJoe Torre
1979New York Mets16363990.4146Shea Stadium788,905NoJoe Torre
1980New York Mets16267950.4315Shea Stadium1,192,073NoJoe Torre
1981New York Mets10541620.3945Shea Stadium704,244NoJoe Torre
1982New York Mets16265970.4156Shea Stadium1,323,036NoGeorge Bamberger
1983New York Mets16268940.4176Shea Stadium1,112,774NoGeorge Bamberger
1984New York Mets16290720.4822Shea Stadium1,842,695NoDavey Johnson
1985New York Mets16298640.62Shea Stadium2,761,601NoDavey Johnson
1986New York Mets162108540.6471Shea Stadium2,767,601YesDavey Johnson
1987New York Mets16292700.5822Shea Stadium3,034,129NoDavey Johnson
1988New York Mets160100600.6361Shea Stadium3,055,445NoDavey Johnson
1989New York Mets16287750.5692Shea Stadium2,918,710NoDavey Johnson
1990New York Mets16291710.6152Shea Stadium2,732,745NoBud Harrelson
1991New York Mets16177840.4955Shea Stadium2,284,484NoMike Cubbage
1992New York Mets16272900.4575Shea Stadium1,779,534NoJeff Torborg
1993New York Mets162591030.4497Shea Stadium1,873,183NoDallas Green
1994New York Mets11355580.4813Shea Stadium1,151,471NoDallas Green
1995New York Mets14469750.5312Shea Stadium1,273,183NoDallas Green
1996New York Mets16271910.4784Shea Stadium1,588,323NoDallas Green
1997New York Mets16288740.5463Shea Stadium1,766,174NoBobby Valentine
1998New York Mets16288740.5452Shea Stadium2,287,948NoBobby Valentine
1999New York Mets16397660.592Shea Stadium2,725,668NoBobby Valentine
2000New York Mets16294680.5452Shea Stadium2,820,530NoBobby Valentine
2001New York Mets16282800.4483Shea Stadium2,658,330NoBobby Valentine
2002New York Mets16175860.4915Shea Stadium2,804,838NoBobby Valentine
2003New York Mets16166950.425Shea Stadium2,140,599NoArt Howe
2004New York Mets16271910.4674Shea Stadium2,318,951NoArt Howe

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