Louisville Colonels Team History, Stats and Records

Welcome to the Louisville Colonels online history database provided by Sportspool.com. Here you will find Major League Baseball (MLB) Louisville Colonels records, Louisville Colonels stats, and Louisville Colonels history. Compiling a complete statistical archive is time consuming and difficult. In the early days MLB did not track stats like they do today, so some information may not be completely accurate. If you find and errors in our Louisville Colonels database please pass them along. We strive to keep our Louisville Colonels stats as accurate as possible and would appreciate any corrections or edits to be passed along.

Louisville Colonels MLB Team History, Records and Stats

Louisville Colonels season statistics

Year Team Games Wins Losses PCT Rnk Ball Park Attend World Series Manager

1882Louisville Colonels8042380.6133Eclipse Park I0NoDenny Mack
1883Louisville Colonels9852450.5025Eclipse Park I0NoJoe Gerhardt
1884Louisville Colonels11068400.6453Eclipse Park I0NoMike Walsh
1885Louisville Colonels11253590.4716Eclipse Park I0NoJim Hart
1886Louisville Colonels13866700.5174Eclipse Park I0NoJim Hart
1887Louisville Colonels13976600.5564Eclipse Park I0NoJohn Kelly
1888Louisville Colonels13948870.3857Eclipse Park I0NoMordecai Davidson
1889Louisville Colonels140271110.2518Eclipse Park I0NoJack Chapman
1890Louisville Colonels13688440.661Eclipse Park I0NoJack Chapman
1891Louisville Colonels14155840.3918Eclipse Park I0NoJack Chapman
1892Louisville Colonels15463890.3959Eclipse Park I131,159NoJack Chapman
1893Louisville Colonels12650750.39411Eclipse Park II53,683NoBilly Barnie
1894Louisville Colonels13036940.32312Eclipse Park II75,000NoBilly Barnie
1895Louisville Colonels13335960.29112Eclipse Park II92,000NoJohn McCloskey
1896Louisville Colonels13438930.312Eclipse Park II133,000NoJohn McCloskey
1897Louisville Colonels13452780.37811Eclipse Park II145,210NoFred Clarke
1898Louisville Colonels15470810.4339Eclipse Park II128,980NoFred Clarke
1899Louisville Colonels15575770.5329Eclipse Park II109,319NoFred Clarke

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