Indianapolis Hoosiers Team History, Stats and Records

Welcome to the Indianapolis Hoosiers online history database provided by Here you will find Major League Baseball (MLB) Indianapolis Hoosiers records, Indianapolis Hoosiers stats, and Indianapolis Hoosiers history. Compiling a complete statistical archive is time consuming and difficult. In the early days MLB did not track stats like they do today, so some information may not be completely accurate. If you find and errors in our Indianapolis Hoosiers database please pass them along. We strive to keep our Indianapolis Hoosiers stats as accurate as possible and would appreciate any corrections or edits to be passed along.

Indianapolis Hoosiers MLB Team History, Records and Stats

Indianapolis Hoosiers season statistics

Year Team Games Wins Losses PCT Rnk Ball Park Attend World Series Manager

1887Indianapolis Hoosiers12737890.2988Athletic Park I0NoWatch Burnham
1888Indianapolis Hoosiers13650850.4057Athletic Park II0NoHarry Spence
1889Indianapolis Hoosiers13559750.4567Athletic Park II0NoFrank Bancroft

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