Baltimore Orioles Team History, Stats and Records

Welcome to the Baltimore Orioles online history database provided by Here you will find Major League Baseball (MLB) Baltimore Orioles records, Baltimore Orioles stats, and Baltimore Orioles history. Compiling a complete statistical archive is time consuming and difficult. In the early days MLB did not track stats like they do today, so some information may not be completely accurate. If you find and errors in our Baltimore Orioles database please pass them along. We strive to keep our Baltimore Orioles stats as accurate as possible and would appreciate any corrections or edits to be passed along.

Baltimore Orioles MLB Team History, Records and Stats

Baltimore Orioles season statistics

Year Team Games Wins Losses PCT Rnk Ball Park Attend World Series Manager

1882Baltimore Orioles7419540.2196Newington Park0NoHenry Myers
1883Baltimore Orioles9628680.2878Oriole Park0NoBilly Barnie
1884Baltimore Orioles10863430.6046Oriole Park0NoBilly Barnie
1885Baltimore Orioles11041680.3868Oriole Park0NoBilly Barnie
1886Baltimore Orioles13948830.3368Oriole Park0NoBilly Barnie
1887Baltimore Orioles14177580.5623Oriole Park0NoBilly Barnie
1888Baltimore Orioles13757800.4135Oriole Park0NoBilly Barnie
1889Baltimore Orioles13970650.4975Oriole Park0NoBilly Barnie
1890Baltimore Orioles3815190.4736Oriole Park0NoBilly Barnie
1891Baltimore Orioles13971640.5324Union Park0NoBilly Barnie
1892Baltimore Orioles152461010.36812Union Park93,589NoNed Hanlon
1893Baltimore Orioles13060700.4578Union Park143,000NoNed Hanlon
1894Baltimore Orioles12989390.6721Union Park328,000NoNed Hanlon
1895Baltimore Orioles13287430.7091Union Park293,000NoNed Hanlon
1896Baltimore Orioles13290390.6931Union Park249,448NoNed Hanlon
1897Baltimore Orioles13690400.6722Union Park273,046NoNed Hanlon
1898Baltimore Orioles15496530.6922Union Park123,416NoNed Hanlon
1899Baltimore Orioles15286620.5894Union Park121,935NoJohn McGraw

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