1998 - 09 - 11 Minnesota Twins vs Kansas City Royals Recap

The 1998 baseball season - On the 11 of 09 1998, the Minnesota Twins attempted to defend their city's honor against the . The Minnesota Twins were coached by , the visitors by . was the umpire. The starting pitcher for the Minnesota Twins was and the pitcher for the was .

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1998 Minnesota Twins vs Oakland Athletics

Game Score Card / Stats

Game Date: 1998/09/11 Minnesota Twins vs Oakland Athletics
Played at Hubert H Humphrey Metrodome with 9333 people in attendance.

Minnesota Twins000020000241
Oakland Athletics0101010002111
Teams# PitchersStarting PitcherManager
Minnesota Twins -4Bob TewksburyTom Kelly
Oakland Athletics -1Kenny RogersArt Howe
Home Runs in game:
Minnesota Twins -0
Oakland Athletics -0
Hometeam BatterBatting Order Visiting Team BatterBatting Order
Otis Nixon8Rickey Henderson7
Brent Gates5Bip Roberts4
Matt Lawton9Jason Giambi3
Paul Molitor3Matt Stairs10
Terry Steinbach2Ben Grieve9
Todd Walker4Ryan Christenson8
Alex Ochoa10Eric Chavez5
Pat Meares6Miguel Tejada6
Chris Latham7A.J. Hinch2
Umpire Name Umpire Position:
Gary Cederstrom Home Plate Umpire
Derryl Cousins First Base Umpire
Joe Brinkman Second Base Umpire
Tim Welke Third Base Umpire