1975 Major League Baseball Regular Season

Welcome to the 1975 Major League Baseball Season Stats. Here you can recap the season stats of all the Major League Baseball teams that played during the 1975 regular season. We take pride in keeping all of our records up to date and accurate, but as you can imagine, it is a daunting task. Although we worked hard to keep our 1975 regular season statistics as accurate as possible, mistakes, and typo's do happen. Please feel free to contact us should you find any errors with our 1975 season stats.

1975 MLB Regular Season Baseball Team Index

Atlanta Braves      Baltimore Orioles      Boston Red Sox      California Angels      
Chicago White Sox      Chicago Cubs      Cincinnati Reds      Cleveland Indians      
Detroit Tigers      Houston Astros      Kansas City Royals      Los Angeles Dodgers      
Minnesota Twins      Montreal Expos      New York Yankees      New York Mets      
Oakland Athletics      Philadelphia Phillies      Pittsburgh Pirates      San Diego Padres      
San Francisco Giants      St. Louis Cardinals      Texas Rangers