Welcome to to the Connie Mack biography by Sportspool.com Baseball database. Connie Mack was an Major League Baseball Manager who was born on December 22, 1862. Connie was a manager who was nicknamed The Tall Tactician. Connie Mack was born as Cornelius Alexander and later changed his name. Connie Mack wieght 150. Connie Mack height 73.0. MLB Manager, Connie Mack, passed away on 2 / 8 / 1956 in PA, Philadelphia, USA

Currently we are featuring Connie Mack MLB statistical data. Below you will find the overall record for Connie Mack from the teams he managed, the number of games he worked, his winning percentage, the number of wins, the total number of losses and other personal data. An MLB manager controls all matters of team strategy on the field and team leadership, he sets the line-up and starting pitcher before each game as well as making substitutions throughout the game. There have been many coaches over the years that we do not list as they were not the team manager. Enjoy the Connie Mack MLB historical data provided below.

MLB Manager Records and Statistics for Connie Mack

Biography for MLB Manager Connie Mack

Given Name:   Cornelius Alexander
Nicknamed: The Tall Tactician
Born:   12/22/1862
Died: 2/8/1956
Connie Mack Statistics / Record
YearTeam ManagedLeagueGamesWinsLossesWinning %
1894Pittsburgh PiratesNL2312100.522
1895Pittsburgh PiratesNL13571610.526
1896Pittsburgh PiratesNL13166630.504
1901Oakland AthleticsAL13774620.54
1902Oakland AthleticsAL13783530.606
1903Oakland AthleticsAL13775600.547
1904Oakland AthleticsAL15581700.523
1905Oakland AthleticsAL15292560.605
1906Oakland AthleticsAL14978670.523
1907Oakland AthleticsAL15088570.587
1908Oakland AthleticsAL15768850.433
1909Oakland AthleticsAL15395580.621
1910Oakland AthleticsAL155102480.658
1911Oakland AthleticsAL152101500.664
1912Oakland AthleticsAL15390620.588
1913Oakland AthleticsAL15396570.627
1914Oakland AthleticsAL15899530.627
1915Oakland AthleticsAL154431090.279
1916Oakland AthleticsAL154361170.234
1917Oakland AthleticsAL15455980.357
1918Oakland AthleticsAL13052760.4
1919Oakland AthleticsAL140361040.257
1920Oakland AthleticsAL156481060.308
1921Oakland AthleticsAL155531000.342
1922Oakland AthleticsAL15565890.419
1923Oakland AthleticsAL15369830.451
1924Oakland AthleticsAL15271810.467
1925Oakland AthleticsAL15388640.575
1926Oakland AthleticsAL15083670.553
1927Oakland AthleticsAL15591630.587
1928Oakland AthleticsAL15398550.641
1929Oakland AthleticsAL151104460.689
1930Oakland AthleticsAL154102520.662
1931Oakland AthleticsAL153107450.699
1932Oakland AthleticsAL15494600.61
1933Oakland AthleticsAL15279720.52
1934Oakland AthleticsAL15368820.444
1935Oakland AthleticsAL14958910.389
1936Oakland AthleticsAL154531000.344
1937Oakland AthleticsAL12039800.325
1938Oakland AthleticsAL15453990.344
1939Oakland AthleticsAL6225370.403
1940Oakland AthleticsAL154541000.351
1941Oakland AthleticsAL15464900.416
1942Oakland AthleticsAL15455990.357
1943Oakland AthleticsAL155491050.316
1944Oakland AthleticsAL15572820.465
1945Oakland AthleticsAL15352980.34
1946Oakland AthleticsAL155491050.316
1947Oakland AthleticsAL15678760.5
1948Oakland AthleticsAL15484700.545
1949Oakland AthleticsAL15481730.526
1950Oakland AthleticsAL154521020.338