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Mixed Martial Arts Clothing and Apparel

MMA clothing refers to sportswear used in both competition and training, and to branded clothing related to the Mixed martial arts (MMA) scene including, Affliction, TapouT and the UFC..

Mixed martial arts promotions typically require that male fighters wear shorts as the only permissible attire, thus precluding the use of gi or fighting kimono to inhibit submission holds.

The need for flexibility in the legs combined with durability prompted the creation of various fighting shorts brands, which then spawned a range of mixed martial arts clothing and casual wear available to the public.

MMA gloves and MMA shorts (similar to the shorts worn in boxing and Muay Thai), are commonly the only piece of clothing allowed to be worn during professional competitions. Clothing for competitions is often referred to as fightwear to differentiate it from MMA fashion clothing which includes t-shirts, hoodies, caps and hats. As with many other sportswear, there are a range of MMA specific brands which specialize in MMA clothing and fightwear.

There are various types of MMA fightshorts, including board shorts, shorts which extend halfway down the thigh, shorts which extend only slightly down the thigh and gladiator shorts which feature slits in the sides of the legs. Common brands include TapouT, Sprawl and Warrior Wear.

Several brands not commonly associated with MMA have developed their own lines of MMA apparel including No Fear, Ecko Unlimited and Avirex.

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